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Below you can order individual DiSC access codes for our online DiSC Classic profiles. If you want to set-up a free online profile administration account click EPIC Account or Call 847-259-0005. The EPIC Account will allow you to control whether the result can be immediately seen by the participate or not and allow you to add your LOGO and contact information on the cover for own Branding.

If you are looking for the latest version of DiSC we recommend the Everything DiSC Profile. Learn which DiSC to use.

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DiSC Classic 2.0


What is the D.I.S.C. Model?

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DiSC Classic 2 Plus

DiSC Classic 2 Plus Profile Expanded Report Sample Report
includes the DiSC Classic 2.0 version plus any or all of these extra categories (if you choose all, you will get a 59 page report, which may be overkill. Click below to view sample reports (Download or view e-brochure here):

Individual category samples

DiSC Classic Based Training Program Materials

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DiSC Classic Facilitation System

This is our most comprehensive DiSC training and DiSC-based solution based training program.
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What is the DISC Model?


The DISC Profile is a nonjudgmental personality tool for understanding behavioral types and personality styles. It helps people explore behavior across four primary dimensions:

  • Dominance: "D's" are direct, to the point and decisive. They tend to be strong-minded, strong-willed and enjoy challenges, taking action, and immediate results.  The bottom line is their focus. 
  • Influence: "I's" tend to be optimistic and outgoing. They are social "people people" who prefer being on teams, sharing ideas, entertaining and energizing others. 
  • Steadiness: "S's" are empathetic and cooperative. They tend to be supportive, helpful team players and are often good listeners. They prefer being in the background, working in consistent and predictable ways. They also tend to be uncomfortable with change. 
  • Conscientiousness: "C's" tend to be concerned with details and cautious. They are often focused on quality. They plan ahead, check for accuracy, and act systematically .

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Benefits of using the DISC profile include being able to discovery your and others' behavioral strengths and gaining insight into the value of both your behavioral strengths and those of other. This knowledge and leverage can help you discover how to effectively deal with situations that require conflict management, communication enhancement, increased team effectiveness and leadership or management skills development. DiSC Classic Profiles are also are powerful assessment tools for dealing with diversity issues within a corporate, non-for-profit or other cultures. DiSC is also used to determine and learn about communication styles, management styles, and sales styles. DiSC Classic is regularly use in corporate training, employee development, sales training and as a part of a hiring or promotion process by hr departments, consultants, business/corporate coaches and mentors.

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